Does your teenager think math may as well be taught in a foreign language? No matter how hard they try they just don't get it?

You’re at your wits end.  You used to be their ‘go-to’  person for homework help.  But those days are long gone.

You know they need help, and you know you are no longer the one to give it to them.

If your teen is struggling with:


Geometry or


you’re in the right place.

If your teen is struggling with algebra, geometry or trigonometry then you are in the right place.

I’m Niamh Wrenne, a math coach who specializes in these subject areas.  One thing I know for sure …

EVERYONE can master these math topics.

If your child isn’t there yet, it simply means he or she hasn’t been exposed to what works for THEM.  

So, what’s the deal? Why are they struggling?

Mathematics is a hierarchical subject.  Unfortunately it’s also like a game of Jenga.  The more rounds (years at school) played, the more holes appear.

Their understanding of math is unstable, which makes them feel:

  1. Incompetant
  2. Inadequate
  3. Anxious
  4. Unsuccessful
  5. Stressed

They are spending far too much time struggling and not getting anywhere.

Homework eats their free time. They are starting to stop other activities they LOVE simply because they have to put more time into getting this math stuff.

You can see the road they are heading down ...

They are starting to solidify the belief that ‘some people are math people’, and they’re just not one of them?

They are drifting to the default that ‘I just can’t catch up now, so what’s the point?’

They are intentionally surrounding themselves with friends who struggle the same way, to make themselves feel just a little better, 

They are starting to consider alternatives to their future goals to not include math or the sciences?

How they are feeling is unfortunately all too common.

If you are on a MISSION to get them the help they need, so they can SHINE like you know they are meant to, I can help.


I have created a map for each of the Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry journeys to help point you and your very capable teenager in the right direction.

Everyone stumbles and gets lost along the way of any new journey. How do you get back on the right track? You ask for directions.

If you AND they are ready to take ownership of their math studies, take these first steps…

Step 1: Get the right Algebra, Geometry or Trigonometry Map.

Find what’s missing with your child. (You may not find all the problems, but that’s okay. That’s what step 2 is for.)

Step 2: Join the Math Momentum Community. Have your teenager join the community. ASK for guidance. Ask for help. Ask questions. My job is to believe in my students, until the student is ready to believe in themselves.

It’s the same for a great parent.

I know YOU believe in your child’s ability. But now is the time to get THEM to believe in themselves, and with my help, they will.

Let’s get them to where they want to go, where they deserve to go.

Get the MAPS!

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