You see all that your child is capable of achieving, but you also see the struggle, the frustrations, the tears.

It’s difficult for you to help.  You don’t know the math.  Or perhaps you do know the math, but explaining it is a whole different story.  

My guess is you have the most amazing child.  She is bright, bubbly, creative and so smart.  The world is her oyster and you know it!

She has a different picture of herself though, doesn’t she?

 She thinks she’s slow, stupid and definitely not as smart as her class mates.  She can’t do her math homework and defeatism has set in.  Once again, tears of frustration are free flowing, she’s deflated & you’ve written yet another note to her teacher saying “we tried, but couldn’t get the work completed.”

“It’s okay honey – ‘we’re just not math people’” you say to make her feel better.

STOP! I can’t make it any more clear than this.

Every Person is a 'Math Person'.

Every person. Adult or child. Male or female. Anyone can be excellent at math.

I Get it!

Right now, you’re struggling to help your child with her homework. She’s not learning math the same way you did. You have heard “that’s not how we do it at school” one too many times.

You have been left scratching your head feeling completely incompetent and at a loss in front of your daughter. You are your daughter’s ‘go-to’ person – for everything, but right now, when you offer her math help, it feels you just confuse her more.

You don’t feel good – but it doesn’t have to feel like this at all!

Kids are learning math in a different way – that’s for sure. But different doesn’t mean bad or wrong, it just means unfamiliar. 

Well, it’s time to put a stop to that!

I’m Niamh Wrenne, and I help proactive parents, who want to eliminate their children’s math struggles at home, in a crafty way, removing the continuous and expensive need of trips to a tutor.

So what’s the alternative?

Spend a little time with me. I teach PARENTS how to help their own children by giving instruction in clear, easy to digest, self-paced chunks. You know the math – you just don’t know how to explain it. You don’t know how to make it relevant for her. So it’s time to get crafty with the way you offer math help!

It’s time to stop stressing and start doing.  I will have you feeling excited & confident about math again (or perhaps for the first time ever), and completely equipped to take on the role of ‘math tutor’ in your house.

I show you how to offer engaging, effective and enjoyable math help to your child.

I give you everything you need to help your child be as successful at math as we already know she can be.

If you have the desire, work ethic and the BELIEF that your child can excel at math – I have the ability, to show you how you can help her achieve this!

Your child’s future is immensely bright.  The world is most certainly her oyster.  But remember …

“No grit – no pearl”. 

To become good at math is a simple process –

that is – it’s uncomplicated –

but it’s not easy! It takes effort to become good at anything.

When we are done, you shall fully reclaim your family’s stolen, precious evenings.  Time, you currently spend on homework battles and wiping tears of frustrations away, will once again be filled with activities that bring you, your child and family joy. They might even be math activities!

Are you ready to get crafty with math?

Just Getting Started?

Before helping your child with math, there are two things you must know.  Where they are on their journey and where they need to get to. 

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