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Here you have access to the M.A.P.’s for each specific topic area.

What’s a M.A.P.? It is a tool created specifically with the proactive student in mind.  It can be used as a map to follow when approaching a new topic area of math, or a checklist to keep track of skills being learned.  Print these off, and use on a regular basis to track your progress.


If you know where you have to get to, and know the steps required to get there, the journey is very simple.

Prealgebra Math Action Plan

Prealgebra is the mathematics to elementary algebra, which solidifies all mathematics learned at the elementary school level of numbers and operations along with a full understanding of mathematical operations and rules of arithmetic.

Elementary Algebra Math Action Plan

Elementary Algebra has it’s main focus on linear algebra. It introduces the concepts & rules learned in Prealgebra, and continues with specific skills when working with numbers and geometry.

Intermediate Algebra Math Action Plan

Algebraic subjects covered include advanced quadratics, polynomials, conics, general functions, logarithms, clever factorizations and substitutions, systems of equations, sequences and series, symmetric sums, advanced factoring methods, classical inequalities, functional equations, and more. Being confident in these areas of mathematics is essential for success in Precalculus.

Algebra & Trigonometry Math Action Plan

Before entering a precalculus course students should be comfortable with all topics covered in their Algebra and Trigonometry courses.

Precalculus Math Action Plan

Precalculus prepares students for calculus somewhat differently from the way that pre-algebra prepares students for algebra. A precalculus courses might see only small amounts of calculus concepts, and often involves covering algebraic topics that might not have been given attention in earlier algebra courses. Some precalculus courses might differ with others in terms of content. This is why it is a good idea to have a M.A.P of all material covered.