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Geometry is an incredibly large part of math education which starts in Kindergarten and is built upon, year after year all the way through graduation. This course takes you through the entire journey!


From monomials to functions and everything in between. Don't let Algebra scare you off math. This is the area that allows you to literally 'bend numbers to your will' [following specific rules of course!]

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Arithmetic Advantage

Arithmetic is the absolute foundations of mathematics. A firm understanding of these skills is required before comfort and competency can be acquired in the abstract world of Algebra.

[IP] Soft Toy

Making Soft Toys is a great way to develop spatial sense. Soft toys are loved by every child, but when you make them, no matter how they turn out, the math conversations are extremely valuable, and the memories created are priceless!

[IP] Base-10 Blocks

Base 10 Blocks are an essential component to an great Math Toolkit.  Purchasing these is…

Summer Math Loss Prevention Kit Done For You!

70 Day's of printable math material including Offline Gamificaion to Stop Summer Math Loss and increase math confidence.

Create an E.N.G.A.G.I.N.G. Math Experience

What makes any activity engaging? How can we facilitate a love of mathematics? How can we encourage to participate in mathematics? Explore the answers to all these questions and more!

Stop Summer Math Loss with Offline Gamification

An introduction to basic offline gamification techniques that will have your child asking for more mathematics.

Why Some People Can Struggle with Math

Explore the characteristics of learning difficulties, styles of learning and styles of math instruction and explore how you can present math information by exploring different teaching strategies.