Master Roman Numerals

You are about to learn everything you need to know, to gain full mastery of Roman Numerals...

  • How the symbols originated
  • The value of the symbols
  • How to combine symbols
  • The two rules you must know
  • How to convert from Roman Numerals to Arabic Numbers
  • How to convert from Arabic Numbers to Roman Numerals
  • Represent Values to the Millions
  • How to Add Roman Numerals

The Completion Level of Your Training.



Why Learn Roman Numerals?


In this lesson you will learn:

  • Why Roman Numerals should be learned
  • Where Roman Numerals are thought to have originated
  • A fun mnemonic to remember the symbols and their value


Combining Symbols to create more values

Numbers not containing 4's or 9's


The Roman Numeral number system is restrictive because there are no 'place values' as we have with our Base 10 Arabic system.  Each symbol has a very specific value, and always has this value.

Because of this, we need to combine symbols together to create values that differ from the Symbols.

An example of this would be when we want to represent the value of twenty in Roman Numerals.  There is no symbol for 20, so how do we do this?

You are about to master converting Arabic Numbers to Roman Numerals, and Roman Numerals to Arabic Numbers with a focus on values that do not contain 4's or 9's!


Numbers containing 4's & 9's


Now that you know how to combine values to represent Roman Numerals, it is time to explore the numbers that contain 4's and 9's.

We have waited until now to work on these, as these numbers require the use of the only two rules you need to remember when working on Roman Numerals ...

  1. The Subtractive Rule &
  2. The 'Two-Up Rule'

Once you have mastered these two rules, there is NO number up to 4,999 that you cannot represent.  And for many, this is more than high enough, as the most common use for Roman Numerals is to represent years.


Adding Roman Numerals

Add Roman Numerals without converting.


In this lesson you will master the five specific steps you must take when adding Roman Numerals without converting them to Arabic Numbers first.