Proof – Angle at Centre of Circle is twice Angle at Circumference

Prove that the Angle at the centre of a circle, formed by an arc is twice the angle formed at the circumference of the circle, standing on the same arc.

Proof – In a Parallelogram, Opposite Sides and Opposite Angles are Equal

Learn the steps required to Proove that, In a Parallelogram, Opposite Sides are Equal in…

Theorem Vocabulary

A short video containing the essential vocabulary you need, to write and understand Geometry Theorem Proofs.

Proof – The Exterior Angle Equals Sum of Interior Angles in Triangle

This proof shows the steps to prove that: The Exterior Angle of any triangle equals…

Proof – Angels in Triangle add to 180 Degrees

The Steps required to prove that: The Three Angles in a Triangle always add to…
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Proof – Pythagoras

The Theorem of Pythagoras