About Me

Here's what I think and you can love me or hate me for saying it!

Math is simple, it's just not easy.

It’s uncomplicated, but requires effort – and not just from the student.

Mathematics Excellence (for the majority) will only come if the teacher, parent and student are fully invested in success.

All have to work toward the same goal for math to be engaging, effective and enjoyable.

Unfortunately here's where things get a little tricky.

Unfortunately, many of our children believe they are slow, stupid and definitely not as smart as their classmates. They can’t do their math homework, so defeatism has set in. Math is confusing to them.  Irrelevant to their lives (as they see it). It’s just something they have to GET THROUGH.

All too often, tears of frustration, and feelings of incompetency lead to yet more notes received by teachers every day stating, “We tried, but couldn’t get the work completed.”

Do you have that child in school now, or were you once that child?

It breaks your heart a little more every day knowing what studying math is doing to your child and others.

History is repeating itself. It’s time to stop.

It’s about time we all stop complaining about …

  • the school system
  • ‘horrible curricula’
  • teachers who’re in it for the vacations
  • parents who just want free babysitting
  • and the ‘entitled kids of today’

…And actually DO SOMETHING.  Because none of these are bodus excuses used in the commonly played ‘let’s blame someone else’ game.  

Since you are here, I know you want to be part of the solution.

You’re in the right place.

My name is Niamh Juhl and I help parents like you stop wishing their children could get the help they need with math, give it to you. I help students understand they aren’t slow or deficient. I help teachers truly deliver themselves to both parents and students in a limitless fashion.

I’m a mother of two and a natural born nerd who geeks out on math tutoring at the high school level, arts & crafts, and eLearning Platform building. 

I am passionate about being a part of the Education Systems re-design for the 21st Century.

My way of contributing to that re-design is three fold:

  1. I help teachers create their own learning platforms
  2. I help parents make mathematics engaging, effective and enjoyable for their children
  3. I tutor students from the age of 14 to 104.

Kids are learning in a different way – that’s for sure.

But different doesn’t mean bad or wrong, it just means we have to keep up.

If you are ready to stop complaining about the system and be a part of the solution, then you have my attention. But, be prepared …

When you work with me:

You’ll feel like you’re chatting with a friend; (so be sure to bring a tea or coffee with you!).

I have an Irish accent – you’ll either love it or hate it!

I’m a bit of a dork and a complete math & science nerd – consider yourself warned!

There are few things that excite me more than seeing that light bulb moment when something ‘clicks’ with a student or helping others design and create their dream learning platform.

I appreciate effort, not excuses.

You bring the desire, work ethic and commitment to this and I’m 150% committed to showing up for you.

Corporal punishment wasn’t removed from schools because it was written into law.

It was removed from schools because a young new generation of teachers refused to use it as a ‘control tool’, some open-minded older generation teachers stopped using it, as they saw how ineffective it was. Parents stood up for their children and demanded the abuse stop, and because of this, students gained confidence and refused to accept the abuse.

It was the beautiful combination of student, parent and teacher working toward the same goal.

And yes, finally the ‘system’ caught up and outlawed it, taking care of the few stubborn outliers who refused to stop using corporal punishment.

The future of education is shiny and bright because of people like you.

It’s time for teachers, parents and students to come together once again, work toward the same goal to create Education Excellence.

The world is our oyster, but without grit, there is no pearl.

You have the desire, the calling to do this.