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Hello. I am happy that you made it here.  My name is Niamh, owner of Math Momentum Academy, a home for proactive teenagers who want to take autonomy over their math education. I serve English speakiing students from around the world including Ireland, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, Newzeland, Canada and United States of America. If you want to gain momentum in math, in an Engaging, Effective and Enjoyable way, then you are in the right place.


Hello. I am happy that you made it here.  My name is Niamh, owner of Math Momentum Academy, a home for proactive teenagers (and parents/guardians of) who want to take autonomy over their math education. If you want to gain math momentum in an Engaging, Effective and Enjoyable way, then you are in the right place.

 I have helped thousands of parents  from all over the world online, helping them turn their math helping efforts into success stories, and coached hundreds of students online when that is what is necessary.

It doesn’t matter whether you feel frustrated because you think you don’t have the ‘right’ math skills to help your child, or whether you feel frustrated because you just don’t understand why your explanation of the math information is not ‘landing’ with your child ….. breaking math down to it’s smallest working parts is what you need, and I have you covered.

I have many resources  (no matter where on the ‘Math Helping Spectrum’ you feel you are on) to help you help your child experience their math with a new sense of confidence.

It’s difficult to plan a perfect journey, without a good map … download the Grade Level Math Skills of the Elementary Student or topic specific M.A.P’s for the Second Level Student to get essential clarity.


Topic Specific Math Revision Sessions

Getting a complete ‘run through’ of a topic is incredibly advantageous for teenagers, especially those with exam dates in the near future. Having these online, means that you can access these from anywhere – even on your phone! 

Only register for the topics you want. 


Math Momentum Academy

If you want a more self directed, work at your own pace environment then come join the Math Momentum Academy.  You have unlimited access to all trainings, assessments, challenges, books and much more.



Private Online Math Tutoring Sessions where your student can get the specific help they need.

Sometimes you just need to catch up. Sometimes you need a refresher on a topic.  No matter what you need, you can book a session directly with me.  Individuals must be 14 years or older. You can book any available session as and when you need it. Session times are however very limited, as my evening availability is mostly dedicated to the students I tutor year long.


FREE Skill Builders

There are some skills and concepts that need to be revisited often.

Here you will find some of these, and more will be added.


Math Coaching

Many students believe they need intensive 1-2-1 math tutoring, when in fact much of the time they don’t.  If they attend class, do the assigned work, do that little ‘extra’ at times, but just seem to not be getting where they want to be, it’s generally NOT a math problem.

Explore what Math Coaching is all about, and decide if this is what your teenager needs.


Summer Programs

Summer Math Loss occurrs at all levels of education and it is preventable.  Much of this loss is preventable.

If you have a child bridging from Primary School to Secondary School, then I encourage you to explore my Summer Math Loss Prevention Kit…

That perfect Celebration Gift for Her

Celebrate her hard work, dedication and achievement with a gift she will treasure forever.

Each year a unique 99.9% silver pendant necklace is created just for those young ladies who appreciate the beauty in hand crafted jewlery.

A limited number are made each year, signed by the jewlery maker and numbered.



How to create Your Own Tutoring Business

Having the skill & passion for tutoring is 80% of the requirement to start your own tutoring business.  The remaining 20% (in creating a professional presence) is 100% dependant on your technical knowledge.  Not Ed-Tech knowledge. I’m sure you have all that is required in that department,  Business-tech.  This is a barrier for so many incredible teachers & tutors making the move online, but it’s not a barrier, just a small hurdle you can easily soar over with the right guidance.  

Niamh helped me with my 14 year old girl with her Maths. She was not necessarily struggling with ability, but she suffered from anxiety and had missed a lot of school. As we know Maths is based on building blocks, and she had missed quite a few blocks on the way.
What immediately impressed me about Niamh was how she found a way to communicate with my wayward teen, and gave her enough confidence to loose all fear of the obstacles ahead, she had her on side after the first hour. In fact my kid was looking forward to catching up on her Maths and working with Niamh!
She was 15 in the Feb and in her junior cert year. She had 20 percent attendance in her Maths classes for a year and a half. Niamh met her at Easter and between Easter and the junior cert, they worked together for 10 hours one to one. My girl sat higher level Maths and got a high C. But better than that, she understood Maths in a new way and developed a passion for it, that will remain with her.
Niamh has a very special way of working with teenagers, and understanding their individual learning styles and what it is they are competent at and what it is they struggle with in the vast landscape that is Maths. I recommend her without hesitation!

Edain Donnell – Happy Mum, Clonakilty