Niamh Wrenne

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Hello, and welcome.

I’m Niamh & I help parents build math confidence in their children, math students gain momentum & teachers (of all subject area) put their teaching gifts online.

Enjoying math is simple.  Excelling in math is simple.  Creating your own online education program is simple. It’s just not easy.
Yet everything is easy, when you know how.

I am committed to helping Teachers, Parents & Students unlock the capabilities that lay hidden in each and every one of you. 


Group Tutoring Programs open for both Irish and American based students.


No matter how you slice or dice it, you know  you have unengaged students, students slipping behind and students thriving, in your classes. That’s the way it has always been.  And that’s the way it will always be, unless you decide to be the  change needed. Don’t wait for someone else to be the solution. You are the solution


You see all that your child is capable of achieving. You also see the struggle, the frustrations, the tears. It’s difficult for you to help. You know the math.  Explaining it is a different game. You want to help your child now, because elementary school is simply far too young to be experiencing  stress like this.


The weight of the success expectation is heavy.  You have tried to help and support your teen.  Teachers have given your teen extra time, work and assignments.  They’ve done the work. They’ve done all that’s been asked of them, and more, but still feel incompetent.  It’s time for something different.

Who I am

I’m a mom of two amazing individuals and a natural born nerd who geeks out on all things regarding mathematics, education, online learning and personal development. 

I unlock the mathematical performance capabilities that lay hidden in every student to the high school level.

I am passionate about being a part of the Education Systems re-design for the 21st Century.

What I Believe

  1. With the right guidance, students, parents and teachers can unleash momentum in mathematics education, and finally put an end to the crippling myth of ‘math people’.
  2. The impact of momentum in mathematics achievement (any achievement) allows individuals to experience confidence that translates into every area of life.
  3. This  momentum,  confidence, and peak performance is available to everyone.
  4. Every person has a skill, has expertise, has knowledge someone else in the world needs. If you are a born teacher, you should teach.

What I do

I deliver math training, coaching and tutoring to  individuals  who want to help students achieve their peak mathematical performance capabilities.


I help parents  deliver engaging, effective and enjoyable math to their elementary/primary aged children building confidence and eliminating anxieties along the way.

I work with and support students [older than 14] to gain momentum and achieve excellence in their mathematics studies.

I train teachers [not only math teachers] how to offer their skills and expertise to the world, online. 

Explore Your World

To experience engaging, effective & enjoyable math education, teachers, parents & students all have unique rolls to play. That point where all three overlap, is where momentum is gained and the Trifecta is won!


It's difficult to watch your child struggle with math. It's harder when you know that child works his butt off, does the required studying and even seeks extra help, and still can't quite "get it." Enter Niamh. Before the second session, I saw the light come back on for my son. He actually UNDERSTOOD the content and was excited for the next lesson. This was a life-changing 8 weeks. We cannot thank you enough, Niamh! - RT
Grade jumped from D to B
Every week my daughter and Niamh meet for an hour of tutoring and it works wonderfully. For my daughter it is a great experience to learn from Niamh and I can see her improving. ... Sure, some things are a bit slower, as you need to write on the screen. Still that slow pace sometimes gives the learner a bit more comfort. To close, I don't think you need to be across time-zones to enjoy the benefits of meeting your Maths educator or tutor via Zoom. I'd strongly recommend that you contact Niamh Wrenne Juhl for more info.

My daughter found working with Niamh very good. Having dyslexia, she spent a lot of time struggling with reading questions. Niamh immediately suggested free software for us to download, which read the material on the computer for A. This was so liberating for her. She found the website beneficial, easy to navigate and understand. Sessions with Niamh were more beneficial as she got to repeat material covered in school, that she was unsure of.

A. is looking forward to working with Niamh again in the future.”

John Lawless – Happy dad, Clonakilty

– Seattle, Washington

Niamh is a very gifted math teacher ... she has a way of simplyfying math that makes absolute sense. My daughter has developed a love of math because of Niamhs approach. She is an extraordinary teacher.
B. Ruane-Crisson
Designer - Ireland

Niamh helped me with my 14 year old girl with her Maths. She was not necessarily struggling with ability, but she suffered from anxiety and had missed a lot of school. As we know Maths is based on building blocks, and she had missed quite a few blocks on the way.
What immediately impressed me about Niamh was how she found a way to communicate with my wayward teen, and gave her enough confidence to loose all fear of the obstacles ahead, she had her on side after the first hour. In fact my kid was looking forward to catching up on her Maths and working with Niamh!
She was 15 in the Feb and in her junior cert year. She had 20 percent attendance in her Maths classes for a year and a half. Niamh met her at Easter and between Easter and the junior cert, they worked together for 10 hours one to one. My girl sat higher level Maths and got a high C. But better than that, she understood Maths in a new way and developed a passion for it, that will remain with her.
Niamh has a very special way of working with teenagers, and understanding their individual learning styles and what it is they are competent at and what it is they struggle with in the vast landscape that is Maths. I recommend her without hesitation!

Edain Donnell – Happy Mum, Clonakilty