Hi there!

I’m Niamh & I help math students gain momentum.

Math is Simple.  It’s just not easy.
Yet everything is easy, when you know how.

I am committed to helping Teachers, Parents & Students unlock the mathematical performance capabilities that lay hidden in every individual.



No matter how you slice or dice it, you know  you have unengaged students, students slipping behind and students thriving, in your classes. That’s the way it has always been.  And that’s the way it will always be, unless you decide to be the  change needed. Don’t wait for someone else to do this.



You see all that your child is capable of achieving. You also see the struggle, the frustrations, the tears. It’s difficult for you to help. You know the math.  Explaining it is a different game. You want to help your child now, because elementary school is simply far too young to be experiencing  stress like this.



The weight of the success expectation is heavy.  Your parents have tried to help you.  Teachers have given you extra time, work and assignments.  You’ve done the work. You’ve done all that’s been asked of you, and more, but you still feel incompetent.  It’s time to to take control of your educational journey. 

Who I am

I’m a wife, mother and natural born nerd who geeks out on all things regarding education.  I unlock the mathematical performance capabilities that lay hidden in every student to the high school level.

I am passionate about being a part of the Education Systems re-design for the 21st Century.

What I Believe

  1. With the right guidance, students, parents, teachers and organizations can unleash momentum in mathematics education, and finally put an end to the crippling myth of ‘math people’.
  2. The feeling of momentum in mathematics achievement allows individuals to experience confidence that translates into every area of life.
  3. This  momentum,  confidence, and peak performance is available to everyone.

What I do

I deliver math training, coaching and tutoring to  individuals & organizations who want to help students achieve their peak mathematical performance capabilities.


I train teachers in Learning Platform Creation to create online learning environments tailored to their student’s, classes and/or schools needs.

I help parents  deliver engaging, effective and enjoyable math to their children.

I work with and support students [older than 14] to gain momentum in their studies and achieve mathematics excellence.

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To travel any journey there are only two vital pieces of information required.  Know where you are.  Know where you’re going! 

Explore Your World

To experience Engaging, Effective and Enjoyable math education, teachers, parents & students all have unique rolls to play. That point where all three overlap, is where momentum is gained and the Trifecta is won!